New videos and Media!

If you’ve already seen my stuff, whether in person or on the cavernous folds of previous attempts to network, don’t worry, there is some new stuff to see. Additionally, working on facebook and twitter integration as not to be terribly obnoxious.

tberg feat YouKnow – Alistar

This video has been circulating the web at an alarming rate – 13000 views at this point as more to come. If you play League and were alive in the 90s, this one is for you.

The World

A vfx project I made last year, including some original trance.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Theme

A reproduction of the theme for MGS4.

In a burst of inspiration…

Welcome to the all new “John Torkington DOT com”! It’s been a long time coming, but I finally pieced together a modest website / blog and purchased a proper domain name. Seems like years since Angelfire! (It has been.) I’m mainly going to be using this site as a portfolio of my music and sound design work for any prospective clients or jobs, hence the (semi) official look. Take a look around (actually, really only look at the portfolio. Seriously.)