Project 2 – Evolving Themes

As promised, here is the continuation of my ongoing projects for my music composition class. This one I finally had access to midi tracks, ie Kontakt 4. Being fairly familiar with Kontakt and it’s library I took the opportunity to work on my virtual orchestra skills. I cheated a little and recorded live guitar for the b section, but other then that, this is the product of a single instance of contact with only 10 preset patches open. A lot of people rag on the Kontakt 4 orchestral library but for what you pay I find it a very solid tool. I’m not entirely satisfied with my humanization of the midi, but after my 6th hour of work I decided to kick it out the door and into class.

My professor, Dan Pavelin wrote this to me:

“Good!  Your main theme uses the tympani rumble with cymbal swell trick effectively — what would film scores do without it.
Variation #1 is lovely — good soloing!  I would just recommend with this style never using chromatic passing tones — all diatonic, to bring out the Latin feel.    In Variation #2, towards the end, seems like you need to bring in bass strings sustaining along with the rest to have a bottom end — the bass pizz can’t do it, because it’s too erratic — maybe you didn’t want the heaviness that that would introduce, but if left low in volume, it won’t be that heavy — it will just seem more conclusive and more of an ending to the cue.
These are very minor things — you are obviously well-versed in musical knowledge yourself and know your way around electronic music-making.  Excellent project, as always!”

He’s certainly one of my favorite teachers here – he gives honest feedback but certainly knows how to make me feel proud : )

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